Lovely Becky

Becky at Strumpets Crumpets is an amaing crafty gal!
I am always so insired by her and little Mickey.
She also asked for my help with the stich names and I wrote out a little pattern for it!
Which I would like to share!
Becky, thank you for letting me help you! I can't wait to make someting with these!!! :)
Time to Kill
image from becky's photostream

Granny Square Circle

Chain 4. Join with a slip stitch. (This will give you a tiny circle to work out of).

Round 1: Chain 4. Double Crochet 1. Chain 1. Double crochet 1. Chain 1. Repeat till you have 12 Double Crochet posts. Join to the beginning chain with a slip stitch. Chain 3. (12 posts/Double crochet) -make sure you count the post that is made of 3 chains.-

Round 2: Double Crochet 1. Chain 1. *Double crochet 2. Chain 1. Double crochet 2.* **Repeat till you have 12 posts. Chain 1. Join to the beginning with a slip stitch. Chain 3. (24 Double Crochet Posts)

Round 3: Double Crochet 2. Chain 1. *Double crochet 3. Chain 1.* Repeat around till you have 12 posts. Chain 1. Join to the beginning with a slip stitch. Cut your yarn and slip stitch again to end. (36 Double Crochet posts)

On each round you will be working in the spaces between double crochets on the previous row. Just like with a granny square, you work in the gaps then chain and work in the next loop.

There are tons of cute things you could use this pattern for! Say, an Autumn inspired banner for your living room in orange, yellow, red and brown. Or a cute skinny scarf. Or you could even frame them to create a new collection on your living room walls!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Courtney said...

Yay! I love Miss Becky and I just love this tutorial! I when get around to making them I am totally going to post about it and link back to this.

Becky Farley said...

Lovely You!!!! YOu're the crochet queen!!! Thank you SO much for writing out the directions - correctly ;)
You are the best Heather!!!! I hope you are all settled!