Yes, I taught my Doodle to make ugly-super-adorable faces. :) What can I say, I'm a good mom! ;)
Saturday was so much fun! I wish I has time earlier when it was all still fresh in my mind. Everything is really busy right now & we've got a couple of big things going on. But, Saturday I went to a new antique store & I LOVED IT! The prices were really good and they had some really awesome things! Afterwards, we went to Truett's, a branch of Chick-fil-a and ate. Then we went to my parents house later that night for a BBQ with a bunch of friends.
This weekend really felt like summer.
Journal Cube
These are my journal prompts from the past 3 days! I really like how the bottom two turned out!

Well, I have a full day of things to do! I will catch up with everyone soon! And fill you in on whats happened here lately.ARg

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