I Heart Fall Class & WIP UPDATE

you guys are going to get so sick of me this fall.
because I am so gung-ho about it. :)
I signed up for this journaling class!
What can I say, it is my new obsession.

I can't wait to get started!
So, if you're in the I Heart Fall Class,
follow me so we can keep up with each other!

I took Doodle outside to play today and while she ran amuk in the yard I sat in the swing and crocheted granny squares for my blanket.
can you see her peeking out of her house? and yes, our gas tank is painted as a cow. gotta love my dad. he's crafty. i get it all from him!!

I thought I was nearly finished. After laying it out the other night I realized it wasn't big enough to go on my bed. Now, I have 4 more big granny squares I need to make! No Problem! Here is the most recent one!

Three cream rows down, six more to go! Then, 3 more granny squares.... It's getting there.

I am so feeling these colors for the season change. The last bits of summer hanging on and the gradual change to Fall.
I am planning on making a full post dedicated to what colors I am loving for fall. I have this all planned out in my head.. and the colors may be unusual, but I am so ready to work with them.

I want to badly to get started on new project, but I am being very strict with myself. I will not stop making this blanket, because IF I do, it will NEVER get made. It will fall in the pile with all the rest that I have tried to make then put away. I can't let myself do that. I have to finish this like my life depends on it.
You guys will help keep me accountable, right?

In other news:
I am in love with Little Big Planet!

Little Big Planet has finally landed!
It is a crafty little game! And SO ADDICTIVE. This is the first game I have ever actaully wanted to play for hours on end. I played online to day and had a ton of fun with a person I met through "quick play."
I am so going to make a sackperson.
If you have a PS3, GO GET IT! NOWWW! :) They have a new one coming out soon! Here's the trailer. Let's all be amazed!

Okay, I'm signing out. Peace.


Carrie said...

oh I love the granny square I really want to learn how to make one bad

Fawne said...

The hubs and I were bananas about Little Big Planet and spent weeks trying to beat it. We can't wait for LBP 2 this fall! :)

Kellie said...

I love your granny colors.

amylou said...

I just stubbled across your blog and I saw the little big planet picture! Oh my we can't wait for the second one. It's about the only game we play together besides mario cart. Mainly because I'm so uncoordinated.
You have a super cute blog!!

Nicole Coffin. said...

we have lbp too. it is such a cute game. i'm not good at video games, but this one is fun. it is kinda hard though. need to play again. you should so crochet a sackboy!