we're moving

It is official.
Moving boxes are coming home with us tonight.
I will cry like Bella when Edward left.
There will be a wrecking ball sized hole in my heart.
I am leaving my little humble house.
I must pack away my sweet nesting dolls
& tiny trinkets.
Where they will live in a storage shed never to see the light of day.
I must tuck away my fears and wear courage like a badge of honor.

I may cry and I may fuss.
But I know this move is for the best.
And that He approves.
Our lives will be made richer & our gratitude will be broadened.

So please send all of your prayers & good vibes this way.
I need patience and mercy to be my strong suits from here on out.

We will be moving in with my parents until we have paid off our debts and saved enough money to buy our own house. I've really struggled with this these past few weeks. I didn't know whether I should share all this information with you. But it will affect my blogging and journaling. I don't know how often I will be able to make it here, but I'm hoping this will be a smooth transition.

In the meantime, you can expect to see some home photographs of our precious little house... just to share with you the place that we made our home. :)




With Love, Jamie said...

My thought are with you...
and I understand this feeling oh-so-well...
But this too shall pass :)
xo, Jamie

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Heather, thank you for visiting my blog, and I'll add you to my lavendar giveaway list :)
I loved your comment about running your hands along your lavendar plant at home, I too do the same thing. Such a simple thing to do but brings such large pleasure :)
I visited your etsy shop and I adore your long chained cowls!!!

PS. the move is a definite change it looks like, but being out of debt will bring so much joy and remember it is only for a season :)