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Today has been an interesting day. I'll share more later. The best part of today was sitting on my porch while it rained. I worked on my Granny Square Blanket. It was so nice and peaceful sitting out there and it cooled off so much it almost felt like fall. Here's the whole entry:
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This is the previous entry. These are the things I can't live without. The Promise is an easy way of saying my relationship with God. I know I couldn't live if there wasn't the promise of spending eternity with Him.
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This is the blanket! It's coming along! I bought some yarn for the border today. I had to shop locally so I had to get Red Heart Super Saver. :( But I got a very pretty shade of pink, mustard and brown. It has a good retro feel to it.

I wish this post had a lot more enthusiasm in it, but I've had a rough day & there is a lot on my mind. Tomorrow will be lovely though. We're going to a new Antique Store.
Till Next Time!
I hope your weekend is peaceful and fun!!

also; I've been looking at cameras lately. getting ready to buy a new one soon and I was wondering lovely ladies, what are you shooting with? are your guns fancy schmacy or just enough? I've been using a borrowed Kodak Easy Share ZD8612 and I like it! It takes great pictures, but it goes through the batteries QUICK! I would like something that the computer charges, like my old Kodak Easy Share M853, but the quality of the pictures isn't as good. Help a sista ouuut! ;)


Kristina said...

I think your blanket will turn out so nicely! I love the design. :)

I'm trying to figure out what kind of blanket/quilt I want to make for my upcoming baby. I need to decide soon... only 4.5 months to go!

Becky Farley said...

Oh I love it!!! SO MUCH! Are blankets will be like night and day ;)