Total Crochet Mode

I am in total crochet mode. I am almost done with my granny square blanket! I'm sure by the time the chilly air makes it down south I will be well on my way to working on new projects! I am so excited about my blanket, and it looks pretty much the same as the last pictures I shared, so when it is DONE I will share some more! It looks pretty boring right now with all the creame, but soon it will burst forth with colors of life!

Because of me being in crochet mode, I have been rummaging flickr and getting mega inspirted.

Little Table Cloth
Yarn Porn
you really need to check out this^ flickr account! totally awesome crochet projects!

Granny Square Bunting
Looking colorful ;)
manta zig-zag blanket
My pile of blankets :Dbabukatorium2378

Oh, happy crochet. If you are a yarn addict, crochet person, knitter you should check out Ravelry, if you're not already obsessed with it. There are tons, TONS and TOOOONNNNS of free patterns, groups, things to drool over. It's like facebook for YARNies! Ha. It's a great place to hang out and get inspired!

Happy Crafting!


Becky Farley said...

WOW to it all! Thanks for add mine in there ;)
Those first ones are crazy!!!!

Courtney said...

Those are pretty intense! Its about two weeks into it for me now and I have started soo many projects! I just love it though

Kacie said...

holy amazeballs, that bunting flag is bomb dot com!