Christmas is Coming!

So you better watch out, you better not cry I'm crocheting up a storm I'm telling you why... Heather Dawn is coming to town.
i am so dumb.
Crochet Snowflakes
I've been crocheting snowflakes like theres a blizzard in my hands trying to break free!!
I've done pink and white ones so far! They are easily addictive! I've followed this tutorial!
My Granny Square Blanket
This is my newest project! I am making myself a granny blanket! The colors look so much better in this picture than in real life! I guess the sunlight made them POP! But I'm using I Love This Yarn and it is so soft and squishy I am questioning why I used anything else for the past 2 blankets I made!

Welp... Thanksgiving was spectacular. I didn't-REPEAT DIDN'T- eat too much! HA.. take that TURKEY DAY! I had one peice of Red Velvet Cake, which I have a post planning to share my mothers EPIC recipe! I was actaully sad about thanksgiving food. I have this wierd pet peeve. If everything on my plate is the same color, I get a little wierded out. And everything was yellow. Which is the worst color that everything could be. I know, I'm crazy. Robin tells me that it's a crazy pet peeve! Everything was yellow except for the cranberry sauce and lima beans.
BUT everything was DELISH! So I should shut up, cause my mom reads this blog~
MAMA, you cook so good... don't listen to me rant about everything being yellow. But you probably noticed this too. ;)
BLACK Friday wasn't so bad. I think next year I am joining the ANTI-Black Friday movement though. I got my camera at 1 p.m. I didn't have to wait in a line for it. We got some awesome toys for Doodle at a very low price. It was fun to be with Robin, Daniel and Autumn. It was actually the lowest stress shopping trip I can remember. We went where we wanted and when we were done we left.
Now, I am shopping on the internet. And I think my life has been revolutionised. I'm not a big internet shopper, but, um, I think I will be!
What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?!!


With Love, Jamie said...

You are not so dumb...that was cute! :)

Elis said...

I think I mentioned this before, but I really, really love that afghan! It's sooo pretty. I wish I could crochet like you! ^^

Courtney said...

Umm...you totally need to post a tutorial on those snowflakes or something. They are pretty awesome.
I'm loving your rainbow blanket too...I am thisclose to finishing up my latest blanket (The TV Color Calibration Bars) and it keeps getting shoved out by other projects!

victoria said...

I am soo glad that I'm not the only one who freaks out when my foods all the same color.. I feel like if there is a rainbow of colors then maybe I'm eating healthier and bland colors in my mind = unhealthy... so tell robin you aren't weird.

{eleise} said...

Great colors!

I love the snowflakes!