A day without the internet

Do you know what its like without internet?!

It's very productive! I washed four loads of clothes. Cleaned my room. Read. Cut my cousins hair. Cooked lunch. Took a nap. Read again.

All day yesterday until 5 minutes ago our internet was down! It was strange. I couldn't check my e-mail. Or watch netflix. Or look around. Or GOOGLE anything. And there were two times when I did need to google something.

It's crazy how much information is right under our fingertips. It's like we have every thing we could possibly know just a click away. If you think about it, thats kind of intemidating. Awesome, but intemidating.

So, now the internet is back on and I'm getting caught up on my e-mails. Toodles!

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Kristina said...

Once I took a one-week self-imposed sabbatical from the internet and tv. It was weird and hard and boring the first day or so, but then I came to really enjoy having all that extra time. I got so much done and felt so productive. And it was nice with it being a bit quieter around the house.