Thankful For It All

There are so many things that I am thankful for. A few too many to even remember properly. There are the little things I don't think about so often that I am thankful for like running water and heating and air conditioning and clean drinking water. There are the big things that I am thankful for like God, a family of my own, a home and a country where I can be myself. There are ridiculous things that I am thankful for like nutella, I Love This Yarn, Apple Brand, Vintage Pyrex. There are things that I can't stand, but I am thankful for, like my past. Without it, then where would I be? I certainly wouldn't be myself.
I am thankful for you. Yep! You! The person who is reading this right now. You are so amazing to me. This simple gesture, reading, that you are doing is so wonderful to me. I don't know you and I can't see you, but I am thankful for you. Being able to blog makes me feel like there is this small corner of the world where everyone "gets it". They love to craft and find the extrordinary. They think that different is best. You are those people. You make me feel like I belong. You inspre me and drive me to create and think and express. You are so beautiful sitting behind that computer screen! I hope you know it! ;)
What are you thankful for? What ridiculous, little and big things are you thankful for?


With Love, Jamie said...

Sweet, sweet post :)
I love Nutella too!! ;)
xo, Jamie

Nicole Coffin. said...

hello. i want to give you a blog award.....the details are over at my blog...come check it out!