I am obsessed with Veronica Mars.

I finished the Series. And I am so sad. It ended ubruptly... I guess during the writers strike a couple of years ago, and it never picked back up. STUPID MISTAKE CW! And Rob Thomas (creator, and no not the rockstar. same dude who is doing the new 90210). BRING RONNIE BACK! And Logan too. *swoon*

I have started reading fan fiction.

Yes, it is Twilight all over again.

Except, I am not staying up till 4 am and I am not writing my own versions. yes. I wrote Twilight Fan Fiction!! HAHA!! Love it. I had a lot of waiting to do between books. ;)

And I've only read one so far. I know I'll read more.

But.. you guys have got to know that Logan... oh, man, Logan. Well, he's the thing t.v. shows are made for! Because, he doesn't exist and if he did we would really hate his guts. But on t.v. you just love him. He's not all bad, mind you. He's just that guy who would beat the pulp out of anyone for you and then come kiss you because he's madly in love with you. He's kinda broody and over emotional when you break up, but it's because you're the one for him. You know, that kind of guy who is out there, but we never really find.
Jason Dohring, Polaris 22 IMG_1326

mmm. sexy man. i gotta quit talking about him before my husband finds out.


I miss my Veronica Mars. :( It was such a great T.V. show. It was apart of my nightly routinte :(. Get home, bathe Doodle, Get doodle to sleep, watch V.Mars, crochet, bed.

What t.v. shows are good (other than Glee. Totally a Gleek here.)!? And on Netflix? I adore Netflix! I need something new to watch now....

In other more crafty news:

I finished this Cowl for Cuppy!!

A Cowl For Cuppy!
A Cowl For Cuppy!
A Cowl For Cuppy!


Courtney said...

OMG you are sooo funny! My mom LOVES that show! O swear my mom is into more 'hip' things then I am.

Also, that cowl is amazing! Your such a quick stich-er!

cuppy said...

OMG !!! That cowl looks AMAZING !!! I love love love the flower detail! Super turbo cute extraordinaire!

Let me know when you want to invoice me (I get paid on Friday).

xoxoxox THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!

Jennifer Louise said...

I am in total agreement!

So angry when that show was cancelled!!

Christen Krumm said...

oh yes please i love loved that show!!

i want a cowl too!! :)