The Wrecking Sounds of Fall

As you all know, I love Fall. I think that much is pretty obvious on my blog! And one of the coolest prompts we've had so far in the I heart Fall Journal Class is "Create the Perfect Fall Playlist"!

Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist Songs

So, with that being said I created an online playlist that you all can enjoy. Get a peek into my musical prefrences!

Here is the link so you can see the whole thing.

If you are thinking what in the world?! to the selctions, let me explain! I've used to be heavily into finding new bands and listening to new music and being "trendy" when it came to music. When I got out of highschool, I pretty much just kept listening to the music that I liked alot. This playlist reflects that. These are songs that I've been listening to for years now. Some are newer than others. Some I don't really listen to anymore, but they mean Fall to me. Like #1 & #2. I used to listen to the Ugly Organ by Cursive ONLY in the fall/winter season. The windows had to be down and the heat had to be on. The volume had to be as loud as I could stand and I would totally jam out in my car. Now, I don't have that c.d. anymore.. it's in my itunes... Anyway, it iconalizes fall to me. The creepy organ bits, the jangeling keys, the crowd, the announcers voice. Very carnival feeling. Love it.

There are four songs on this list that are in my ALL time favorite songs EVER! Those would be:

In A Sweater Poorly Knit -mewithoutyou

Invasion- Eisley

Nobody Hugs A Rose- Cool Hand Luke

Embers & Envelops- Mae

Memories- Eisley.

Pretty much all songs from those bands I am in love with. I plan to name my next daughter Eisley Mae. :) I guess my life if really influenced by music! Right now (and for the past year or so) my favorite muscian is Brooke Fraser or more recently married Ligertwood. She's a leader on Hillsong and writes and sings some of the most beautiful worship songs you will ever hear! I think I aspire to be like her in my piano playing and singing. Even my song writing. She's so effortless and anoited. I could literally get lost in her songs.

So, there you have it. My music for fall. And my love for music. Hope you liked it!

What are your favorites? I'm curious & would love to hear what you like!!


Becky Farley said...

Very clever! I love the spiders on there ;)
My favorite anytime tunes is Elvis!!! haha! Seriously!

Elis said...

I'm really loving the Cursive songs...hadn't heard of them before but I'm definitely going to check them out now!
As far as what I like, it's really a very mixed bag of stuff! Everything from classic country to hardcore punk and anything else you can think of in between....I can never get enough of music. :) But if I had to recommend something right now, I'd say check out The Prids and Lookbook--two of my very favourite bands. I've travelled farther to see them play than any other band, so yeah. Hehee.

Thanks so much for sharing the songs from your playlist on here...it's really great to be able to check out something new. :)

I'm snagging your linking image for my site. ^_^

Becky Farley said...

oh my gosh I forgot to tell you I got my SWEET card from you! I was sick so I was not thinking!!! Thank you soooo much - it is super cool! :) I love it!
Thank you for thinking of me!!