Much Better, Thank You.

After a good nights sleep, a good talk with my amazing Daddy & a fun phone call from my brother AND Robin cleaning the bedroom I feel so much better. Thank you for the comments Cuppy, Courtney & Amy. Thank you. You really lifted my spirits! *hugs*
Onward to fun things! And back to that happy-go-lucky mentality!
CROCHET! Yea, you know how much I love it & lately thanks to all the long car rides to town & back I've been able to get a lot done!
Mainly, I've been working on things for my neice/nephew on the way! My brother & his wife are expecting, with only three more months to go! They are waiting to find out the gender till the baby's birthday! So, lots of neutral colors!
Baby Blanket 3
Simple Granny Square Baby Blanket with Scalloped Edges! I didn't follow a pattern, I just changed colors whenever I felt like it! I knew I wanted to trim it in brown though. It took me about 3 weeks to finish it. The majority of it was done when I went to Natalie's house for the weekend!
Baby Blanket 4
Baby Blanket 1
I love the look of scalloped boarders! It takes FOREVER, but it's so worth it!
Baby Ripple Blanket!
This is another blanket I'm working on right now! It's everywhere I am! These are the colors of the baby's nursery! My brother, who is a Hobby person as well, painted the baby room a beautiful shade of sage green. He also painted stripes in these colors on the bottom half of the wall! It's so pretty! They have dark hard wood in thier house and its so cozy feeling!!
Ripple Baby Blanket
Don't these colors just look so good together? I'm using Impeccable Yarn by Loops & Thread. It's my new favorite! (I still love Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Best though!)
Ripple Baby Blanket
Ha, I just noticed that I skipped the second stripe of blue. Wow. I've ran into a few problems while making this one. But I've corrected them as I've went. I used a pattern from one of my most loved blogs:
Attic 24
The pattern is here.
It is super simple & anyone with basic crochet knowledge could look at her blog and be able to do this! Lucy explains things so well. It's very understandable! She has a ton more tutorials that you can look at in her side bar! A really great crochet resource!!
Ripple Baby Blanket
Ah, it looks so warm and cozy!
My Pumpkin Patch:
Pumpkin Pumpkin
I've been making tons of pumpkins before the blanket craze! Here are the little guys I have left! I gave two away! ;) So, I did have more! But I am PLANNING to GIVE AWAY anther one to one of my lovely blog readers! Keep checking back here for the give away! I can't wait to get it all ready for you! I should have the post up tomorrow!


katiebug92 said...

I love the scalloped border on the baby blankie! so freakin cute!! :)
Oh, and I got your letter today! yay, I will try to write back soon!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Just found your blog through i heart fall and it's super cute!! :) Glad you're feeling better!

ckscribbles said...

I wish i had the time to undertake an afghan, im trying though!


Becky Farley said...

I love them allllll ps!!
I really wanna learn to make the pumpkin!

Eva said...

gorgeous blanket! now that's talent.