I’ve had some really good days since the last time I posted! Last weekend I went to Natalie’s house, my long time b.f.f. It was a great visit! She really let me just chill out. I needed that so bad. We watched Veronica Mars & I crocheted. We went to a thrift sale, where I found a beautiful Globe Lamp, Pyrex Dish, Computer Chair and lovely note cards! Natalie found a vintage typewriter, we saw it at the same time & she was quick! It’s a pretty teal color! Loved it! We hung out at Starbucks, an old friend’s house and went clearance shopping! We ate at Rico’s (a really great restaurant walking distance from her house) and tried out a new sushi place in Atlanta. I nearly finished a crochet blanket on my trip and I only have a few more rounds now! It’s very exciting times!

Globe Lamp

It's so pretty! :) Happy Find!

baby blanket

Robin wants to keep it! He really likes the colors! I'm kinda just choosing colors at random.. just trying to use a lot more green than brown or cream. I'm using Loops & Threads Yarn that I got from Michaels. I like the thickness of this yarn! It's a worsted weight, but a little bit bigger than I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. It's working up really nicely!

I Heart Fall Journal Update:
I Heart Fall Journal Update

I am really slacking.. By that I mean, waiting a week and doing all the entries in one day. It seems a lot easier that way and I am actually more inspired this way. It's working for my schedule, but one of my joals was to journal everyday. *shame* But I am having fun with it, so I think that out weighs not completing a goal.
I also tried out a new recipe this week!! It was delish & simple to make! I've been eating off this Corn Chowder for days! I think next time I will make it a little thickr by either using more flour or using heavy whipping cream.. just a thought.
So, what amazing things are happening in you life right now?


cuppy said...

I love love love all of your journal pages !!!!!

I wanted to let you know that I mailed you a box o' happy today so you should get that early next week! Let me know when it arrives, OK?


ckscribbles said...

i love the way your blanket is coming up, how big is it now? the last few rounds (i have found, for me) are always the hardest! it seems like you had pretty awesome finds!

Kate Maggie said...

There is one thing that I have put on my christmas list as long as I can remember, and that is a globe lamp. My parents have looked high and low, and the ones that they do find online, I always hate. I am so jealous! This one is beautiful and im so happy you found such a treasure. Your blog is so lovely girl. I looove it! x

Becky Farley said...

I love that afghan!!! SUch great colors! :)