not in a super great mood. trying to pray my way out of it. its not working.
i just feel so slumpy. & disliked by people in real life. i know this isn't worth my time & i shouldn't care, but I do care. *sigh* moving on...

in other news: my grey Toms came in the mail Thursday! I have not taken them off since. I am in love with them. I know for a fact now I will buy more.

I am alsmost done sending out letters to my Pen Pal group. I think I have just a few more! I've been loving getting letters & things in the mail! My mail box has been a very happy place lately. Gifts from friends & little bits of things from far away people. Thank you for brightening my day! I'm noticing now I'm looking forward to walking to the mailbox. It reminds me of then my bff Natalie and I lived 800 miles away growing up. I used to get so excited to see if there was a letter from her in the mail box. We were pen pals...then e-mail became popular (i'm talking like 1999-2001 here!!) Then we had yahoo chat dates! Haha! Good times.

I've started another blanket. It's a ripple blanket in some really pretty fallish colors. I'll get those pictures up soon.

Just pray for me. That my attitude is improved. Soon.


cuppy said...

I'm thinking of you & sending you so much love & positive energy.

I hope that we can both come out of our respective slumps better & happier girls.


Courtney said...

Fuck 'real life' people... It's all about surrounding yourself with people who get you and it doesn't have to be right in front of you.
I know you can get past this slump and be A-ok!

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

You're a beautiful human being. I love reading your posts.

I also love receiving letters! Maybe one day exchange one with me?

Keep in touch xo

heather dawn said...

@cuppy- thank you dear!! <3 and I'm sending it right back to you so the slump goes away for you too! :)

@courtney- thats one way to put it! lol. sometimes i think i care too much. but thank you!!

@amy- you are very sweet!i'm glad you like reading my craziness! I would love to send letters!! email me: heatherxdawn@gmail.com

Thank you ladies! Surprisingly, a talk with my amazing dad, a phone call from my brother & my husnad cleaning house made it a lot better. Today I feel fine. :) But I feel the love. So, thank you thank you!!