Getting Trendy


hewwo friends!!! :)

I have really been getting into some new fashion choices lately & I've been really inspired by a lot of fashion forward blogs! So, with that in mind I want to share with you my newest and most loved out fit right now!

My favorite outfit

Shirt- Goodwill $4

Pants- from Bealls Outlet $16

Shoes- My NEW TOMS! :) and I have not taken them off since I've gotten them! Well, except to sleep and shower! They are so comfy and look good with everything!

These pants are my first pair of skinny leg jeans. I've been terrified of them. Thinking that I would look like this in them:Grilling drumsticks

WAY too big up top and too little at the end! But Surprsingly I LOVE my skinnys!


I have this cardigan!! I got it for $8!!!! :D I LOVE IT TOO! I really just want to revamp my clothes. I've had the same things for a couple of years now and everything has holes in it or I've just outgrown! Trust me, I don't have the funds to buy full price so I've been raiding the clearance racks lately and hitting up the cheaper clothing places! I did get another pair of skinnys this time I got a blue jean pair for only $16. So, slowly I'm adding new peices to my wardrobe!

I really want a pea coat. There is a green one that I have my eye on and it maked me feel so cute when I tried it on, but at $70 it is a little pricey!! It's so hard for me to find a coat/jacket that fits me. I'm bigger sized and really tall... 5'11. So, plus sized things generally are too big in the wrong areas and juniors are always too short. Everything is always too short for me.

I also want to start buying really cute dresses either new or some cute vintage dresses! I'm just so weird when I go shopping though. I tend to be way too critical of myself and when I try new things I don't quite know what to think about it. So, I just stick with getting solid color shirts and blue jeans. But I am so much more interesting than that! I want my clothes to reflect that. In highschool I dressed EXACTLY like what I was intersted in. Of course, that was easy black band t-shirts, blue jeans & converse. And yes a stud belt! Lol. I miss my trendy highschool style! Ladies, I was featured in the yearbook for "best dressed!" haha!! Because I always wore crazy/cute scarves and wrist warmers ;) *sigh* memories.

But anyways.... enough remember when...

What kinds of trends are you following/starting/wishing for this year?

I'd love to see what you like!


Kristina said...

I have the opposite problem as you - I'm only 5'2" and it's soooo hard for me to find a good coat that fits! I finally found one at Old Navy on sale a couple of years ago, but I don't think I could wear it now that I'm pregnant... not that I'd need to anyway. It's 80 degrees this week in NC. Crazy!

ckscribbles said...

i was so worried when i got my first pair of skinnys but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm, short ... like 4'9.5 short, so all my jeans drag & used to get holes in them. I now no longer have this issue! I'm glad you got a paur of skinny jeans! Keep looking for that perfect coat, i am also looking for one!


Elis said...

I love that outfit on you, it looks great! I love that you got the top at Goodwill, too...I am a hardcore thrifter and Goodwill is one of my regular haunts. :)
Burlington Coat Factory has some pretty good deals on coats, if you have one near you. Also, I usually shop for new winter coats at the end of winter, when they are clearing them out to make way for spring items. You can get a lot of great deals then. :)

Oh, and before I forget and get carried away talking about clothes! I came here to let you know that I really like your blog and your journal pages, and I wanted to pass on this blog award to you:
Cheers! :)

Becky Farley said...

I like my jeans (boot cut) lol and tees and sneakers - I feel very untrendy! I wanna be but I like being comfy lolol I'm lazy when it comes to clothes! I love yours! PS get a peacoat - everyone needs one!

heather dawn said...

I LOVE GOODWILL! I was so shocked to find something so cute there! Honestly! I wasn't even looking at the clothes I just saw the faric and was like "OOOH!" lol!! Thank you for the award!! LOVE IT!

& I found a COAT! I'll get pictures up soon! it's black, grey & purple!

becky,i am so NOT trendy by nature anymore. i just want to dress comfy and cool (as in I don't want to get hot/warm). But I am making some new fashion things happen!! ;)

Elis said...

I've noticed that some Goodwills have a really good selection of gently used, newer, high-quality clothes & shoes (bigger city locations seem to be this way), while some have a better selection of vintage items (my favorite!). Luckily two of our area Goodwills have a nice mix of both of those types of items. :)
Ooh, I can't wait to see your coat--it sounds lovely! ^_^