Magical Moon, Pumpkin Glow



My Pumpkin

Our Pumpkins
Last Night's moon was so magical and eerie. I wish my yesterday was as magical, but I spent the majority of it in the bed with a fever and tons of sinus pressure & drainage. I'm still not perfectly well, but I'm drinking hot beverages for my poor throat.
We carved pumpkins this weekend at my friend Destiny's house! It was so much fun! I must admit I got completely frustrated with my pumpkin & went to roast pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds were interestingly addictive. So, while I was getting that ready Robin finished my pumpkin! I didn't know he was going to! As the night wore on the guys got ready to watch Freddy Kruger.. the new one. (I am NO scary movie watcher so I have no clue what the name of it is...) I lasted about 4 minutes watching it before I ran off screaming. Yes. I am THAT person. Get over it. I scare easily, for the most part. Anyway... Destiny didn't really feel like watching it so we drank coffee and chatted a bit then got the laptop and started watching Babies. We had a blast doing that.. there was so much to giggle at and poke fun. When the guys were done Robin was ready to leave. We got home aroun 2 a.m. Which was pretty intense.
I hope our pumpkins last till this weekend, we're having a Fall Bash here at our house for the teenagers in our Youth Group and anyone else who wants to come!
So, if you're in the Georgia area COME ON OVER!
What plans have ye this Hallow's Eve?


Becky Farley said...

holy crap! Your pumpkins are awesome!!! So impressed!
Heather, I LOVE my giveaway winnings!!! They are all wonderful, but of course the crocheted pumpkin is incredible!!!!!! :) you're a wiz!! Thank you! :)

ckscribbles said...

oh my god, those pumpkins are so awesome! you did such a good job. I'm so jealous