hello. my 3 little people who follow me. how are YOU? honestly. whats going on in your life right now. right this minute? anything you need to vent about? anything? do you mind if i drift into one of those woe is me posts? something is terribly wrong with me. i have everything in the world, yet I feel so stupid, unhappy, alienated. do you ever get that way? I know there is no reason for me to feel these ways. I think it may be the fact that sunlight doesn't shine in my living room. Or that I am home alone with Doodle all day. And when we venture out she screams in the car. Or that when that boy comes home & I can get a break from caring, cleaning, straightening, cooking, and everything else... Doodle doesn't want him. She wants me. Or it could be the fact that I want to do things. I want to go to movies. I want to go to yarn stores. I want to go to tea rooms. I want to go on trips. I want to not feel rushed all the time. I want to sit on the couch in the sunshine with a cup of tea and make cute and fancy little things. I want to feel cute instead of this HEAP that I am. I want to be... cute as the rest of you. I want to be inspired. *SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH*

enough of that.

i made somethin'. thanks to creativeyarn. her free pattern. not mine. 

see how sweet!

and there's multiple ways to wear it!
It is made from Sugar N Creme 100% yarn & it would be a lovely statement to any wardrobe for some one young or older!
I wore it saturday & got compliments from everyone who saw it!!!


ElizabethJane. said...

Darling love, you are beautiful and smart and creative (I only WISH I could be as creative as you) and all around fantastic. I am so very jealous of your life and little family, your house and you're craftiness. I miss you terribly and the time we used to spend together.

I think satan is attacking all of us so much right now (I have been super down myself lately, as you can probably see from my blog), and so I know exactly what you mean. We should plan to spend more time together (even though I don't have babies yet, I almost feel like a pro through the years of corralling and snuggling nubbies with Michelle, so I am TOTALLY excited to help and hang out with you AND Autumn).

I feel so very secluded here in Columbus, even with Danny and the shear number of people who live here, I don't really have any friends to hang out with and do stuff with. Especially not ones who know me and I have as much fun with as you.

PLEASE lets plan times to hang out. Even if it's only crafting at your house, I am DYING for an outlet and fellowship.

And I WILL make it happen.

-heather- said...

you made me cry.
:) but in a good way.
it's funny when you posted your post the other day. it was not long after i posted this one. i wrote a comment but erased it. it was down and pretty much upsetting. but in retrospect, i should have left it.
it's weird how our lives mirror one another. how a lot of stuff happens to us at the same time. it's strange, but weirdly interesting.

please, don't be jealous of me. there is nothing to be jealous about & I would happily include you an anything, ANYTHING! lol. I'm serious about what we talked about the other day. You come back to t-town, you have a place to be. If you could stand us and our insanity.
I know what you mean about feeling secluded. You, Natalie & Destiny are my friends. You live in C-bus. Natalie lives in North Georgia. Destiny works ALL the time. I hardly have fun times.
I think I need a small break and that is what is bogging me down. I'm going 100 miles an hour & I just want to take some time for myself. Myself. Do something *I* want to do. Before the inivetable happens. (stuff like our topics we heard the other night). upsetting times. exciting times. you understand.
lets make something happen.