beautiful cloth diapers

I've been contemplating using cloth diapers for awhile now. Even when I first found out I was preggo I wanted to use them, but everyone kinda talked me out of it. Honestly, they probably won't do well in this household because I'm a lazy bug & I'd forget to put them in the wash. Ha, reguardless, I still want to try them out & formulate my own opinion.

That my dear friends is why I am entering this give away on tout-est-des-roses.

Sara Sophia has reviewed EsBaby, a hand made diapering company. They have some really great & cute cloth diapers & even some re-useable washcloths (not like the kind you're thinking.. like we bathe with all hard and what not. too hard for doodles tush!)
Check out her site http://www.esbaby.net/shop/ 


sarasophia said...

I am still mad about losing my comment yesterday.

I am going to go back and try to re-formulate the pretty words I lined all up for you<3

I hope your day is pretty.

OOHSNAP natattack! said...

I hope you win! And I also hope this comment works!

OOHSNAP natattack! said...

So. This is crazy. I can comment through Safari but not through Firefox. What is up with my computer?!
Anywho... I love you, friend!