eco-budget friendly cleaning stuff plus HOMEMADE!

sweet smelling savor.
you've smelled it before, right?
it smells like summer on a hot, sunny day. running your hands through the tall tall grass as you carelessly frollic through an open field.
it smells like sweet dreams after a long hard day. sleeping and resting your bones all the way down.
lavender. it's beautiful. and it has amazing antiseptic properties. 
IT has been sitting in my dresser drawer feeling very left out from the day to day functions of this messy household.
NO LONGER! My little blue bottled friend cried! No longer do I feel so left out!
because when you combine these things....

a water bottle, some water & the essential oil you get a lovely smelling, ECO-BUDGET Friendly cleaning solution namely a dust buster! At least thats what I used it for.

I sprayed it on my coffee & end tables and wiped it away with a soft cloth. Afterwards, my wooden tables were free of dust & left smelling lovely! 
Don't have any lavender oil? Pine & Eucalyptus Oil will do just fine!
The great thing about this cleaner... it's all purpose! Every surface in your house can be cleaned with it! Don't waste your dollars on buying the expensive advertised brands... many things in your kitchen cabinets can be used to clean. In fact, those household items are EXACTLY what commercial products are made of.

I'm going to keep posting about the new things I'm trying out. Hopefully, the hubs and I can save some more money by not buying cleaning products. It's a small effort, but an effort none the less. 

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