another wednesday post

hello blog world. i find myself here on another lovely wednesday night. As I type, hubby is beside me in the bed reading & Doodle is in her pack & play lulling herself to sleep. (We are trying to establish some sort of self-soothing sleep patterns. Last night & tonight have went along pretty good.) We (doodle & I) are also trying to wean from the nipple guard too. So far, we've had a few good experiences with that. There's been a couple of good latch on's & even a few minutes of feeding without getting frustrated. I'm very happy & proud about that too. I really hope it is something we can accomplish. As far as breastfeeding in public, it keeps getting stranger. I've had another trip in Wal*Mart :D To top it off, this weekend while vacationing in Helen, GA I had to break out the milk factory, or piggy banks as my dad calls them, mind you I was walking around outside on a busy Saturday. :D I'm proud of myself.
Hubby & I have been having money issues lately. I'm not working & lately, neither is he. He has a job... but no work has been coming in. I know God will provide for us & I can't wait to see how he will make it all work, but it is hard having faith when everything looks so dim. We are really trying hard though. We probably shouldn't have went to Helen with everyone, but it was a group trip and it was planned a while back. We did get to spend an extra day in Cleveland with some friends of ours. That was wonderful. I miss Natalie & Duck so much and the little time we got to spend together really made my day.
As far as crafty things... nothing new to report. I'm thinking about adding some dyed bags to my Craft Show things to sell. I want to make something people will buy... hopefully that will be it.
Ok, off to bed now & to look up a book!

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sarasophia said...

Good job with trying to wean off of that guard--it really starts to get annoying and makes things MORE difficult in the long run.

A retarded device, really.

(of course, these statements have NOTHING to do with the fact that I used one for three months and was miserable.....:P)

You'll get it.

And ALSO...complete and total Kudos on whipping out the boobs in public! Hippie Motherhood RULES--- I have totally 'been there, done that' with the little old lady breastfeeding conversation<3