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New Year... New You

New Year... New You

New Year... New YouNew You... New You New Year... New YouNew Year... New You New Year... New YouNew Year... New YouNew Year... New YouNew Year... New You JournalNew Year... New You JournalNew Year... New You Journal

Janel's New Year... New You Journal Class is completed and here are a few of the prompts that I haven't shared with you yet! I still have a few more pages to finish and some to take pictures of! All in due time! I always crap out on the last few prompts... I get behind during the day and don't find time to journal. These things happen.

I'm still working on Robin's crochet socks!
Robin's Crochet socks

I am almost finished with the first cuff! I am having such a hard time keeping my edges straight! One side is straight, but the other is a bit wonky... I keep having to frog rows and start over cause I won't have the right # of stitches, which is frustrating! I'm determined to finish these though! I'm using this pattern from Crochet Today! Magazine. (My favortie crochet magazine, most of the time)

Hopefully the socks will turn out right and look like this:

Handsome socks, right? I can't stand working with a size D hook and sock yarn though. Everything feels so small to me! I bought myself some sock yarn this weekend though..

Oh so pretty! I can't wait to see how it stripes up.. that is IF I ever get finished with Robin's socks!

What are you working on?! I've been hearing about the Snowpocolypse going on in Mid-USA.. how is everyone!?


Jamie said...

Ooo I love your pages!! I did the 30 Day Challenge and I heart Fall class of Janel's. Same thing, I always loose steam toward the end. I love to look at other people's journals but I learned that I actually don't like to do it that much myself. It was fun to try though.
And those socks...sooo handsome!!

Elis said...

Heather, you are amazing! Your pages are soooo gorgeous!!!! <3<3<3

Yes, the snow apocalypse is apparently on its way...they keep shifting the times a little bit. I'm anxious about it but what can you do? :P I wish I had snowpants so I could go outside and make a snowman! lol!

amylou said...

those are such pretty pages!

Tanya said...

love the journalling! i have always wanted to try and make crochet socks! I just think they'd be so warm and cozy!