Flower Bomb Hat

I've been working simultainously on SEVERAL projects lately. Along with playing a lot of Call of Duty tehe.
But my most recent project is a new Flower Bomb Hat!
flowerbombhat 004
flowerbombhat 011
flowerbombhat 025
I used a pattern I found on Ravelry, it was a free PDF download! If you are a crochet person, this pattern was so easy and I can see a couple of uses for the beginning flower part! I just love the way it looks and the way it feels! It's like not wearing a hat at all, PERFECT for spring!

If you're on ravelry  you can get all the cool knitty gritty details on my project page!

So, what has everyone else been up to?
 It feels like I've gotten out of the habit of posting regularly again. It seems I'm busy doing lots of other things around the house. Yesterday we spent all day outside with Autumn and tons of people who just showed up. (It happens alot at this house!) Last night we grilled steaks and had baked potatoes and salads. Oh, man. It was so good. Then afterwards we all just sat around and talked. I've really missed those types of nights. I am loving the weather right now too! There are daffodils popping up around our pecan tree! They are so pretty!
What newness are you noticing in your neighborhoods?


Becky Farley said...

I love the flower bomb hat!! You're a wiz! It's so pretty!
our neighborhood is getting new people - that's cool, hopefully they are nice lol and don't have a dog that barks all night -that'd be nice! ;)
ps your day outside sounds so perfect! isn't the weather perfect!?

victoria said...

I wish I lived closer so that I could just show up at your house! I miss you guys! Nothing new here. We're moving and I'm so happy that we don't have to do a thing since the military packs/moves/unpacks for us. And I've become coupon obsessed. Oh and the weather is AMAZING! I love being able to wear flip flops!

Elis said...

I love the hat!! It's so gorgeous!!! ^_^