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The Push For Pita Journal

Random facts about me:

-I live in New Orleans, LA for 8 years of my childhood life. I went to elementary and middle school there. So, it's a big part of who I am. I'm sad to say that I haven't been back to New Orleans since we moved to Georgia. I miss it alot, but I love living in Georgia!

-Growing up I LOVED the name Zoe. I'm not ever sure where I heard the name from, because when I was a kid I know that name wasn't popular.. it is now though. Another name I loved was Catalina! Lol.

-I am over emotional. I can see the sun set in pretty colors and it will make me tear up. When I think about how much God loves me, I tear up. When I read something pretty I tear up. I guess I'm just sensitive. Who knows.. but I don't cry at the drop of a hat, just when I'm "moved"

-When I was in highschool I was never interested in the same guys for long. In my senior year I just decided not to date anyone. For almost a year I didn't have a boyfriend.. which was a really good thing. I needed to fall in love with who I was as a person before I could fall in love with someone else. So, I was pretty much resolved to be a cat lady, which is totally okay with me! But then I met Robin and the rest is history!

-I love to have a clean house, but I absolutely HATE cleaning up. It stresses me out. I don't know why but cleaning is a huge deal to me. Lately, Robin has been keeping everything clean. He is so amazing for that. So, now all I have to do is just keep little messes picked up!

The Push For Pita Journal

This is my journal page for The Push for Pita... I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it. :)
I sersiously want to have a music career. I have since I was 10. And the truth is I think I still could. It is one of my deepest dreams to create and record and album... I've been working on some songs and I've been jotting down ideas that come to mind. But to record an album would be a life accomplishment for me. :) Is that crazy?
I want to travel. I am so interested in other cultures and ways of life! I want to see them all and learn about people from all over! Not to mention see all the beautiful places there are!
I can't WAIT for Robin and I to own our first Home. I look forward to that day so much. Robin and I talk and day dream about it all the time!
My biggest dream is to follow God's will for my life. I want to be pleasing in His sight and I know obedience is something He loves. I hope when I die, my life would have been lived fully for him!
Well, there you have it... a little insight to me! ;)
I hope you like me ;) Lol!

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Jamie said...

i love both these pages!
Ive only been to nola once but ever since i was a teenager ive loved that city (mostly bc of books and trent reznor lived there lol). i got to spend two days there last year and plan on going back again. i got a fleur di lis tattoo while there that i love!
also, i totally cry when something moves me...music, books, cards, anything that makes my heart swell gets me all teary eyed =)