Things I Love

I have so many things that I want to share with you and I hardly ever get around to it! But the other day I had a HUGE, MASSIVE mess on my desk of EVERYTHING that I've been doing.. here's a sneek peek at the things I love!

Sock Yarn for Robin's socks. I was so upset this week because I had to frog the entire cuff of the sock. The pattern called for 65 foundation stitches.. when I got to the end and counted I had 42. I am a horrible pattern follower! LOL!

I love my mason jar of crochet hooks. I love the colors and the way they clink around inside.

I love Flickr for telling me hello in German and various other languages. But most espically German. Guten Tag.

I love this yarn. Yes. I do love it! Thank you Hobby Lobby!

I love Ravelry! Countless hours spent browsing patterns and pretty things!

I love my new ergonomic crochet hook. It has taken me a couple of days to get adjusted to it, but my hand feels better already! And this is how I hold my took 25% of the time. The other 75% I hold it like a knife.. (more to come on this subject later!)

And I love my followers! 3 days ago I had 50 followers!! Today I have 56!! WOOT! I am shocked you guys are finding this place something to follow! But I am so honored and so thankful for all of you! I'd love to hear from you too! ;)
Other things that I love right now:
*My b.f.f, Natalie is coming down tonight!!!!
*Tomorrow Natalie, Destiny and I are going for TEA at August Moon Tea Room. Lovely!
* Call of Duty.. killing people virtually is quite fun. :}
This is the first friday in a long time that I've been super excited about! I hope we can go get some more sushi tonight or something else fun!
What are your plans for this weekend? What are the things you love?


Amber said...

What a great list! I am curious about that hook... Where did you get it?
Also...what is Raverly? I have heard of it, it sounds fabulous and addicting:)

Courtney said...

so much awesomeness going on lady! That's is so, well, awesome!

I don't know if I could EVER use that hook. I hold my hook so far up. I still can't believe all the different ways that people crochet. I have been crocheting up a storm too: mario squares for my blanket and today I am finishing my Pirahna Plant scarf!

hooray for productivity!

Elis said...

You know what I love? This list! :D
And seriously, I am the WORST pattern-reader EVER!! Case in point: I tried your hat pattern, was all pleased with myself/thought I was doing well, got about half way through and realized I was not doing something right (I still don't know where I went wrong!). O_o But on the bright side, I did learn some VERY useful things from your tutorial (basic things that I should have understood years ago! :O). Which in turn led me to know that I was doing several things WRONG with my modular blanket squares!! D: So I'm starting them over, hopefully correctly this time! I don't know how I always manage to mess things up so much...sometimes I think I should just stick to crocheting nothing more complicated than rectangular scarves. u_u