My Birthday Wishlist

I know times are tough, but if I could have anything I wanted for my Birthday this year, I would want these things....

*oh, how badly i want an iphone now that verizon is a carrier. if you would like to contribute, I'll happily take birthday donations! ;) ROFL! I seriously hope I can get one for my birthday/valentines/anniversary. *crosses fingers*

* another c.d. from the lovely Brooke Fraser. Or perhaps tickets to see her live. In case you didn't know Brooke is my all time favorite! If I could have dinner with anyone famous, it would be her. ;) Not creepy, right?

*Easy A on Blue Ray. This movie was SO FUNNY! I want to watch it over and over again!

If you have a PS3, then you NEED to have Little Big Planet! The newest one just came out TWO days ago! It's such a fun & cute & crafty kind of game!

Ha, a fairly simple list, wouldn't you agree!? This birthday would be awesome if I only got an iPhone! Seriously, I want one so much it's kind of sad! I can't believe my birthday is MONDAY though! I am totally going to do a 25 before 25 for next year! BUT this year is my GOLDEN birthday. I will be 24 on the 24th! I've always looked forward to this birthday since I was a little girl. Sad thing is, I'm sure nothing special will happen. I'd like to get all my girlfriends together and go the August Moon Tea Room. (The ABSOLUTE best place to eat and have tea in Georgia!). This weekend we're goin to Auburn to see my brother and very pregant sister in law! I can't wait to see them! Other than that, this birthday will be very chill. And will involve no fast food. ;)
Guys, we need to celebrate this.. it's a HUGE milestone in my life. Granted I've been having really bad headaches this week.. could it be from withdrawls?! LOL.. probably.
What does your weekend look like!?
Has anyone tried out my pattern yet? I'd love to hear how it's going if you do!!


Becky Farley said...

wait when is your bday? Mines coming up too!! Those iPhones are awesome! I'm confused about their colors - I NEED that green one!! When's your bday!!!!! lol I need to know!

Elis said...

Aww, happy upcoming birthday to you! You're so young, hee hee! ^-^
I've never heard of a golden birthday, but mine would've been when I turned three, so I never would have gotten to enjoy it anyway. :P

Girl, I didn't know you were a gamer!! Email me with your PSN ID, we can add each other to our friends list if you want. :) Also, Little Big Planet 2 is SO MUCH FUN!! I made a post about it at my blog the other day. I got my copy using gamestop gift cards I earned from doing e-rewards surveys--it's a great way to get extra money for buying games and things. I have an extra e-rewards invite that I could email you if you want. I don't know if it would work for someone else to sign up with, but it's worth a try, so if you're interested just send me a message (heyelisabeth at gmail dot com). :)

heather dawn said...

elis!! i've been wanting to play LBP with friends for forever!! do you still have LBP1? I don't have the newest one! I bet it is awesome! I play Call of Duty too, but on Xbox. Love that game too! our ps3 user i.d. is birdman21 i'm emailing you NOW!

Elis said...

Pst--just wanted to share the Stylish Blogger Award with you! :)

*~Jerri~* said...

Happy belated birthday!!