Happy New Year!!!

Hello dears! I am doing a quick little drop in to say Hello 2011!

I rang you in with the cool kids from our church and we played Murder in the Dark till 2 in the morning. 2011, I hope you are one awesome year! You will make me 24 this year, in 24 days. ;) I can't wait to see what you hold in store for me.

To kick off a year of awesomeness, today I was completely compulsive.

All last year I grew out my hair! It became quite a thing to everyone around me and I actually did it. It sounds like a strange thing to be proud of.. but I stuck to my word and grew it out for a whole year!
And in true Heather fashion, today I cut all of it off into a short bob. I have missed this haircut! *sigh* It's actually a little bit shorter than what I asked for, but hey it's hair, it will grow back!

And just to remind you, I have a super awesome surprise coming up SOON! ;) Keep checking back!

I wish you guys the best year that you could ever have!

Love ya!!


Courtney said...

You look awesome! I'm a short hair girl myself and I adore your glasses-I'd rock mine more if they weren't a bit on the broken side.
Here is to a great new year!

P.S. are you taking janel's class? I can't (money) so if you aren't either maybe we can just do one together- the two of us? Let me know what you think!

Kristina said...

Love the short hair... most of my life, my hair has been long and straight, but I went through a period of short styles. After I graduated high school, I went and got my hair cute Winona Ryder short. It was awesome... and I have the hope to do it again someday... someday... maybe. :)

Elis said...

I love your new haircut! You look gorgeous! I have always gone through cycles of growing and then cutting my hair and it's fun to make a big change sometimes. I usually keep it pretty short, but I'm in the grow-out phase right now. ^^
Happy new year!

Fawne said...

Awwww! Cute! I'm going to try to grow my hair out all year. :) Yours got super long!

heather dawn said...

thank ya'll so so so so so much! *hugs* isn't it cool to go through drastic changes?

@fawne good luck! I can't wait to see how long yours gets!!


Becky Farley said...

holy moly it's so cute!!! Very nice!! :)
I'm trying to grow mine ha! It might last a month - long hair is pretty, but short hair is the BEST!! lolol

Jennifer said...

I am doing the same thing right now! Trying to grow my hair out that is... we'll see how long i make it... i almost always go back to short!