A New Year... A New You

I am so happy to be journaling again in the New Year... New You Journal Class with Janel and all the lovely ladies! Janel is so awesome, and I am so thankful for her for so MANY reasons!! I want you guys to all know that she is so genuine and kind that I am totally inspired by her! Go over to her blog and get to know her, she is simply AMAZING!

A quick glance at whats been going on in my journal so far:
My creation

My MAIN goal for this journal is to be genuine to myself. It is so EASY for me to look at the prompts then examine (read get inspired by) what everyone else has done. Then feebly try to be "cool" like everyone else. I want this journal to be me. Simply. Easy. Truthful. Granted I will probably try a few things that I've seen, but I want come up with my pages without any outside forces.. which is going to be SO HARD! I can totally do this though!

Do you guys ever feel like nothing you do is original? That it's all been done before? I guess this is just one of those things and I don't want to just be a copy. I want to DIG DIG DIG inside my self and pull out the crative genuis that I know lives in the deepest parts of me! She's down there, I just need to coach her back out!

Have you been to the Crochet Party yet? It's growing SO MUCH and I am thrilled! I was so scared to invite people to join and now people are finding it on their own and adding their lovely things! I am so loving these right now:

I love the sleeves and the band at the bottom!! So cute!

Granny Square Baby Blanket

dottie style jars

I have jars saved to do this project! I need to get on it!

Astro Afghan

Beautiful Afgan by Poot from Hoot N Annie!

The Boyfriend Scarf

And Courtney's scarf should so be my background for my desktop! The color and definition and cool stitch! LOVE IT!!


ckscribbles said...

I wish i could of taken Janels class but school this semester (plus christmas) took a total turn on my pockets. I hope the class is just wonderful and you let them creative juices flow! I keep forgetting to take pictures of my crochet good, haha!


Elis said...

"Do you guys ever feel like nothing you do is original? That it's all been done before?"
Omg, ALL OF THE TIME!!! I am constantly plagued by the thought that I don't have an original bone in my body. There have been so many times that I thought of something and told myself "Ok, this has got to be different!". But then I look around online only to see that someone else has done it already! Then I get discouraged, think "What's the point?", and stop wanting to do whatever it is. :/ I've tried to stop myself looking online if I have an idea, because it really hampers me from getting things done. And I try to tell myself that if I thought of something and I've never personally seen it before, it's as good as being original because I had the idea independently. But, it's hard. :|
I just want to say though that your journal in the fall class was one of my very, very favourites. I was constantly awed by your creativity, good taste, and awesome ideas. It inspired me and made me strive to put more effort into my own pages. So even if you don't know it, YOU are inspiring people with your work! :)

Tanya said...

thanks for adding my sweater and baby blanket!! i love the journalling idea! looks great!