The crochet is BANANAS!

My latest crochet creations are FINISHED! YAY! They didn't take long, in fact I made all of them over the course of 3 days. That includes a trip to the yarn store for some supplies! :D 
My friend Victoria's daughter is turning ONE! And for her birthday, her mama might have told me that she would like some play food! I'd been wanting to make some for Autumn & it seemed like a great idea to test out patterns and see how it would go! Well.. here it is!

bowl o'fruits

bowl o'fruits

The fruit was so simple to make and a couple of searches on Ravelry & google images hooked me up with the perfect free patterns! I was able to use a lot of my stash yarn up for these too, a HUGE plus in my opinion!
I also made a cute little bunny! Autumn doesn't want to part with the bunny & I'm sure I will have to make another one verrrrry soon. Victoria's little girl's birthday party is this weekend & I hope they love the pressies!


I've been working hard on granny squares too. I'm trying to get as many made as I possibly can before the baby gets here and all my time is taking up snuggling a newborn!

What have ya'll been working on!?

I hope everyone has a FUN labor day!!


Carol Anne said...

Is the bunny a lion brand pattern? I started on that pattern once. It was almost finished but my dad found it before I made the ears and thought it was funny so he took it with him to work to put on his desk. haha!

ClockQuirks said...

I love them! I'm making ghosts and witches and jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, mostly. I did a little cupcake not long ago that my friend said should be part of a play food set. This little bowl of fruit is too cute!