My Week!

First Instagram Collage

 This week has been pretty fun & interesting! I FINALLY got an iPhone. I'm sure you all remember the posts where I post a hundred pictures of cute iphones.. my digital wish list! Well, my dreams came true and I'm so stinking happy about it! I'm really surprised by how much I love having a smartphone! I ADORE Instagram & I'm sure everyone following me will get tired of my many, many updates! Does the "new" ever wear off?! lol!

I'm trying to get caught up on some crochet projects! I've been making granny squares & I have two sets ready for the Blogger Blanket project! I gotta get busy and get all these made up, so when the baby gets here I won't get behind! I've only got FIVE weeks until I'm "full term"!! It's craziness! So, I gotta get SUPER busy on Judah's ripple blanket too! It shouldn't take me too long if I can just FOCUS!

What projects are you trying to keep up with & how excited are you for OCTOBER!? I can't wait!!
(Do you guys see that eyeball wreath!! i love it! it was in Country Living Magazine, along with some AWESOME decopouged pumpkins)

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