Such A Wonderful Week!

My Week Sept. 15

This week has been such a blast! I've been crocheting up a storm working on Judah's ripple blanket & making granny squares for the Blogger Blanket Project! I FINALLY found my favorite crochet hook! It's a blue H hook with a bamboo handle! It's been missing for quite some time! When I took the couch cushions off to wash them, the hook was tucked away in the couch!

My doctors appointment was cancelled Tuesday, as the OB had to go in to deliver a baby! Not a problem, but it was kinda annoying that we had to drive an hour & 30 minutes to get to his office. We were about 3 miles away from his office when we got the call. We took advantage of the day and went to Old Navy for some maternity blue jeans & then we headed to Lenox Mall for some shopping! We went in LUSH, the apple store & Anthro. It was Robin's first time ever going in Anthropologie and he was actually in love! I have to admit, my hubby has good taste! He loved the natural wood & stone floor and a lot of the home decorations! He even pointed out a few bedspreads that he liked.. I might just have to make a wish list for Christmas or something! I was so surprised he loved it.. It made me love him a wee bit more on top of the muchness that I love him. It was like a cherry on top of whipped cream ;) Two things that really caught my eye were these::::
Crochet bird house @ anthropologie! I gave to make one of these!!
A crochet blanket from anthropologie thatbi gotta make too!!!
Um, I DIE!!! A crochet bird house?!?! Have mercy! I don't know if I would put it outside, but it would be such a cute place for a little feathery family to brood! AND that blanket. OH.. my eyes and heart just swell looking at it! I can hardly stand it!

I also had my baby shower this weekend too! Which means my BFF Natalie was down for the weekend! We stayed up till 3:30am Friday night! We made cake pops & chocolate covered marshmellow & oreos for the shower! She decorated it in a "Rain Shower" theme! Everything was so cute & light blue! It was so beautiful! My friend Jessica said everything looked like a Pinterest board! We made blue punch & had cups with paper umbrellas & straws! The cake pops were almost a disaster but after putting them in the freezer & swapping candy melts for Almond bark made everything work out perfectly! We got a little stressed out Friday night and decided to forget all the baby shower hoopla & get in the hot tub! We laughed so much and so hard! It was like we were teenagers again.. minus the weird hair and obvious lack of fashion sense. Needless to say, it was a blast! Saturday loads of my family & friends came over and showered me with love & gifts! Such WONDERful gifts! Some of which I will cherish for a lifetime!! Tons of stuff to get us started with out little man! I still can't get over how SOON he will be here... 5 more weeks.

Hopefully this week we can get around to moving our rooms around to make room for little Judah & give me an area to "nest" and decorate!

What did you ladies/gents do this weekend?!



Destiny said...

Well I'm very excited that you're excited!! :P I absolutely can't wait to meet mr. little man! and we do need to plan another get-together soon!!!!!!!!!


Carrie said...

I spent most of my weekend crocheting too love it! sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!