How Do You Crochet?

I guess being a hands/eyes on learner I like to learn from other people's ideas too. Crocheting is something that I've completely learned by myself. There was no dialogue about the process or someone showing me what was their prefered method or how they liked to crochet.

I am totally a lazy bum, a procrastionater, a do it when you feel like it type person. Not all the time, but 85% of the time. ;) So, I rarely set a time aside for crocheting. I'll take a project along in the car, if I feel like it. I'll work on it while I'm sitting around watching t.v. and playing with Autumn, if I feel like it. But I don't have a "schedule". I'm wondering if that's the reason I've never finished a blanket. Or finished anything other than small projects like hats, scarves, baby blankets, toys, accessories. Things that can be finished in a few hours or a couple of days.

So, how do you crochet?
Do you plan it out or do you simply just crochet when the mood hits? Do you crochet on the couch/in the car/ on the bus/ train? Do you crochet in a certain chair with a certain hook? What do you use as inspiration?

I'm so curious and I hope all you awesome crochet people out there will answer!  And hopefully I can learn something from your routine!


ClockQuirks said...

I crochet best when I ought to be doing something else, like sleeping or folding laundry (my least favorite chore!). Actually, for the most part I crochet whenever I can get my hands on a hook. I have 2 kids so that's not always as often as I want, but I like that it's something I can do sitting in my favorite corner of the couch while my husband is in his chair nearby. A lot of mine is for business purposes these days, as my mom and I have started a business. We have a blog, too! www.clockquirks.blogspot.com

Jamie said...

I don't have a "schedule" per se but I pretty much crochet after work while I'm sitting around watching movies. If I am going to be a passenger in the car for more than 45 minutes I absolutely bring a project with me. One way I stay focused on a project is I keep it out, in my face, ALL THE TIME! That way I don't 'forget' about it or feel the urge to move onto something more. I have to finish one thing before another. Although I have 2/3 of a blanket in a basket by my tv that I've yet to finish =/ I definitely have to be in the mood though!

Tanya said...

i crochet whenever the kids will let me. i sit on the toilet and crochet while they have a bath, i crochet while they play (though i usually only get a stitch or two done before having to help out in some way!). i do most of my crochet work after dinner when the kids are happily playing with my husband. I curl up on the couch and get as much done as i can. i am always obsessed with finishing a project, so i work every second I have ..... even if it means ignoring the laundry!