Baby Blanket Progress

If you follow me on instagram or flickr, these pictures aren't new to you! This past week I set asdie my granny squares to work on Judah's Ripple Blanket. The clock is ticking & he'll be here REALLY soon.. like within the next MONTH! Crazy. So I've been working on this every spare moment I get and I don't get those alot. I really need to put in some serious hours on this to get it finished! I've got about 6 more weeks until my due date ;) Hopefully I can get it finished before then!(And YES, we finally decided on a baby name: Judah River :D  I'm sure I'm going to call him River & his daddy will call him Judah. :P)
Happiness is a glass of water & crocheting on the couch.

Looks like someone needs to go to hobby lobby!

Belly & me crocheting in the car with Jessica!
Do you see that belly?! Lol. (Mini update from my post a few days ago about Judah being breech, he's head down now :) which makes my heart skippy and my eyes tear up a bit. This whole Vbac thing is really going to happen! I feel so happy & blessed!)
Baby Boy Blanket
I took this picture the day I started the blanket. A ripple blanket works up so quickly! And doing just two rows of colors each, you're constantly changing out yarn! Which, to me, breaks it up and it's easy to finish two rows in one sitting ;)
I'm using Attic24's pattern from memory :). It's seriously the easiest thing to remember once you get your "foundation" chain & first row finished. Lucy does a fantastic job of making things really easy to understand too! You might remember this blanket that I made for my nephew:
Joshua's Ripple Blanket
I used that same pattern for it! It's awesome cause you can make it as big or as small as you want it, just by the number of chains you make in the beginning!

Here are some other really awesome ideas:

You could channel the Missoni Line at Target with Vickie Howell's newest pattern! She has a new yarn out with Caron too called Sheepish! I looks lovely! She refers to it as a Chevron Pattern, which is pretty much the same thing as a ripple blanket from what I can tell! But you can purchase these EXACT colors and follow her pattern for an identical blanket! Um, can we say CROCHET ALONG? We should all do it! What do you think?! I would LOVE to have a little project to work on with everyone! Not to mention, I want this blanket REALLY bad! I just looks so beautiful & colorful!

You could make a sweet ripple cowl!!! This one looks so soft & yummy!

OR a granny ripple! How pretty is this? It would be interesting to de-stash with this pattern. I just imagine the mix-matchy-ness of a hundred differnt colors would look neat!

There are so many project I want to be working on right now and it's getting that time of year to snuggle up with a little hooky business & a cup of hot tea and just swing outside or let the cool breeze in through the windows. *sigh* Did I ever mention that I love fall? ;)


Carrie said...

love the blanket the colors are great!

Velma said...

looks great! Love the colors! I love the name you picked out too!!!

heather dawn said...

thank ya'll so much!!!

Sara Sophia said...

Um can I hire you to make me a big chevron blanket? :D

I am so not kidding.

(also? I need your addy again---I have packages to mail <3)

--Sara Sophia