Okay. So I've been really lazy lately. Robin and I have turned into old people. We get in the bed by 10 p.m. everynight now and do absolutely nothing once we get home from work. I personally feel super exausted latetly. I have hardly any energy or an attention span. I haven't crocheted since 2 weeks ago when I made some cotton candy inspired hats. I haven't taken pictures of them yet because the battery is dead and I haven't charged it. Ha.. you see what I mean? I'm a complete lazy bum! 
doodlec oloring
doodles abstract art
In other news, Autumn is a genius. She isn't even two yet and she is talking in full sentences, asking questions, remembering where things are and locations we've been. Everytime she see's truitt's grill she says she wants to see Daniel. (We've been eating with him lately there) She is a spectacular abstract colorist.  Right now she'sholding a hand full of crayons and coloring her paper!

new bedroom
I really want to start on a new blanket for our new bed in some pretty pastel colors, but I still haven't finished the 50 projects I've already started. My yarn stash looks like a diaster area. It's horrible. We're thinking about paintin the wall behind our bed a grey or teal color! What do you guys think?

I hope you're all having a great weekend!


Elis said...

Sometimes Adam and I get like that too (going to bed early, being total homebodies, etc).
Now that the clocks have been turned ahead and the days will get longer, I bet your schedule will start to change. :)

Your little girl is so adorable! ^_^ I remember when mine was that small--she loved to draw and colour too. :) But she just turned 15 on the 9th, so even though it often seems to me like it was just yesterday, it was really a long time ago! ^^;

Becky Farley said...

:) we're old people too Heather - don't feel bad! We go to bed so early I hate it! I feel like we haven't been on a date in ages bc we're trying to eat healthy and save monies - so no eating out lol and it sucks! ;)
Autumn is so precious!!! I like the bedroom - it's so clean lol my night stand is covered in crap! lol