Luck O'the Irish

kiss me, I'm irish
I really am. :) Well, half. I'm half Irish (mom's side.. all red heads too & I missed out.) and half Scottish. I make for a very volitle mix. ;)

It's days like today that I really miss living in New Orleans. The St. Patrick's Day Parade was AMAZING! Men with flowers would come and kiss you on the cheek & give you a flower. The floats would toss cabbage, carrots and other veggies from their platforms. And moon pie's too! YUM!  People were dressed up as leprecauns and danced in the street. It was a fun parade to go to and laugh. Free food is a plus too, right? Lol.
I think tonight I will celebrate by renting this movie:
I've been wanting to see it for ages and ages and just haven't did it yet. Has anyone seen it? Did you like it?
Today is so much fun though. When I was on my way to work, I passed the pre-school and all the kids on the playground were wearing green, except one little girl who was wearing tie dye! lol! How crazy would it be if everyone wore the same colors on a different day? Like Maroon Monday. Teal Tuesday. Wintergreen Wednesday. Uh, whats another T color? Fire-Red Fridays.. haha! Just imagine. Or better yet, what if we were color coded like charts?! We had to wear certain colors based on our birthday or last name! CRAZY. Ok. My imagination is getting away from me.

Tonight I'm headed to the craft store for some Baby Shower decorations for this weekend! Jungle themed. Hopefully it will turn out adorable!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you are partaking in Lent, today you are excused to eat Meat! Hooray! If you like/eat meat ;)

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Elis said...

I love your imagination--you always have the best ideas (color coded days of the week, etc). You should write stories or something! :)