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Mason Jar Cozies

Mason Jar Cozies
these crochet jars are the prettiest thing in the world!!
pretty pillow
spring afghan
Crochet flowers

It seems like all I have time for is inspirational posts lately! I'm getting busy with Autumn, who will be TWO in two month. Oh lord.. where does the time go? Needless to say, she doesn't nap a lot anymore so my time is occupied with her. But I still have something up my sleeve centered around my last cotton candy post! I'll share super soon! If any of you come across the PERFECT mint green color yarn, let me know! I'm on the look out for certain colors of yarn that I can't seem to find. Like the Mint and I'm looking for a soft lavender... not quite lavender... Okay I can't put to words that one, but soft sweet pastels are what I'm looking for.;)
What is going on with everyone else? What are you working on lately?
I really feel like I need a "project" to be working on.. I'm working on small stuff, but I really need to get back to something a little bit.. bigger.. I still need to finish my granny square blanket. How do all of you finish making so many squares? I get so bored!!


Jamie said...

OMG I saw the mason jar cozies on her blog and literally just finished making 2 of them tonight!! I used the spider stitch on one and the twisted double crochet stitch on the other, they're so perfect as candle holders!
And that pillow is B.E.A.utiful!

Elis said...

I love the throw pillow, it's so happy and colourful!! I am still working on my granny square throw and it's about 30% done now. I'd be further along if I hadn't had to start over...twice. u_u

I think I know what you mean by the lavender colour you mentioned. Have you looked at ravelry? I think you can search by colour there. :)

ckscribbles said...

I love them jars and after seeing them i'm thinking i need to make some! Also thanks for including me in your post :)


Becky Farley said...

awww you're so sweet to include mine!! ;) All those are sooooo pretty! I especially love the flowers! and the circles <3

Jennifer said...

That pillow is so cute! I am a "granny soul" too. If it is old, or looks old....you can bet that I'll love it!