A Baby Shower Weekend

This weekend was spend making crazy cut sugar cookies till 2.30am, speed grocery shopping, getting balloons and sunglowers, setting up for family and friends to meet our new Nephew, Joshua! We had a tno of fun and the weather was just perfect, a little hot even! It was a lovely day! Here's some eye candy for you! Looking at the pictures I can't believe I decorated all this! It looks so fancy! ;D


Elis said...

Congratulations, auntie! :) It looks like you did a fabulous job setting up and decorating! Those cookies are adorable and look delicious. OMNOM!

Jamie said...

the clothesline with the onesies is adorable and i LOVE the center pieces with the little stuffed animals. You did an awesome job!

Becky Farley said...

I LOVE it!! Those cookies are so cute and so perfect!! clothes line was such a good idea! It's so pretty! Good job lil gal! :)