Pumpkins and such

hello loves! how is your wednesday treating ya? i've gotten a lot accomplished today!
I've uploaded a TON of picutres to my flickr and I added a new item to my etsy!

Fall Journal & Crochet Pumpkins

MMM. Look at all that Fallish Goodness!

So, if you would like to BUY a pumpkin please go to my etsy shop and geets one! ;)
I know a lot of my journal friends were interested so they will probably go quick, but NEVER FEAR! I am making more :) You can always request one too! Say you want a black pumpkin with an orange stem? No Problem! Or maybe an off white pumkin with a brown stem? I gotcha covered.

I hope you guys are getting into the season change! I am so ready for it to be COOL! And it's not here. It's really annoying, but as soon as the cooler tempertures get here I know everything will be perfect!


Sarah H said...

Heather, I found your blog through my friends blog, A Meandering Memoir. You make some amazing things! :)

amylou said...

love it! so cute!