My Secret Pal Is AWESOME

Quite some time ago I got goodies in the mail!


It was a really good day too because when the mail came there were a lot of people at my house & they were all really excited about the package & couldn't wait for me to get home and open it.

It was kinda like Christmas!!

Pretty Doodles

Complete with pretty doosles all OVER the box!

Insidethe box were the most happy making things!

There was NERDS, sour patch kids, sour worms, peach rings, sour gum drops- EVERY Imaginable delicous gummy candy! There were CROCHET HOOKS. CROCHET HOOKS PEOPLE! My Secret Pal KNOWS me. Seriously. She is amaaaaaazing!

Most IMPORTATNLY & Better then everything else that was in my package there was a note/collage.
Secret Pal Collage

Why, Yes! I do believe in magic. Most assuredly when station wagons with tons of things involved. If I didn't believe in magic when I saw this page, I did after I read the note on the back.
Secret Pal Collage

Isn't this the coolest collage? I adore it! But the words written, I don't know if you can see them very well.. I needed them, desperately. I needed to hear from someone that it was going to be okay. Even in the simplest words. I really cried when I read this. The happy tears that someone GOT it and someone understood.

So, secret pal: You are the awesomest. And I am quite sure the best secret pal in the whole group. I ain't lyin' people she is AWESOME!

Whoever you are, and I've looked for you & tried to figure this out but I'm just going to let it be. Who ever you are THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKYOU! A kajillion times thank you.


ckscribbles said...

This is super adorable! secret pals are awesome! and gummy candys are the best! tell your secret pal to ship some stuff my way!

was there a return address on the box? i would be so worried that i ha the wrong address and it would get lost in limbo, ya know?

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

How cute and fun! What a treat :)