Ms. Fawne: Simply Amazing

last night was so wonderful I can't even begin to describe it!

I got off work at about 5 and went to the store for supplies & batteries.

Then I headed up to Built to Last Tattoo's in Thomaston, where Ms. Fawne works. Fawne is an amazing artist that I've known for quite some time now. I don't exactly remember how I came to know her, I believe a friend told me about her paintings and showed me her website, but anyways I've been a big fan of hers for years now. She is such a great artist whom I have followed for years and I really admire her style and imagination!
Check out her blog & her etsy

I remember she was the first person I had ever known to collect OWLS! Ha, now I know quite a few people who do! But Fawne created a painting called "Bird Love." And I absoluly fell in love with it! When Robin and I were dating we said we were both going to get it tattoo'd on us! I knew that Fawne really wanted to be a tattoo artist & after 5 years of knowing her last year she started tattooing! She created a facebook page for her work (i will link back to the FB page later, FB is blocked where I am right now). From there we chatted back and forth about Bird Love and how I always wanted it as a tattoo. We were both really excited and decided to do it! So, it's like a dream come true for me! And I am so happy that Fawne accomplished her dream of becoming a tattoo artist!

And another really cool fact about her (there are tons! she is really an awesome & interesting person!!) she was the FIRST person EVER to have an Etsy. True Story.

So, needless to say to have her tattoo me last night was an honor. It's not everyday that an artist that you adore becomes a tattoo artist and gives you such a great expierence. It was amazing!!
Tattoo In Progress

Here is the work in progress! You can see the painting "Bird Love" on the left! Isn't it so amazing? I wish I could have bought it back then so I had the original! We decided to do a scaled down version of the painting because of the tatoo being on my shoulder. I really like the whole painting, but as a tattoo I think the entire thing wouldn't work. Fawne agreed & we decided to use just the bird bodies without the legs because they wouldn't have a place to ground themselves. They would just be floating on my back.

Tattoo #2

Here is the finished tattoo! This was taken last night when I got home on my camera phone, but when I get my pictures uploaded I will post some more!

Please go check Fawne out. She is a true artist and so much fun to be around! Seriously, she's as cool as they come!!!



With Love, Jamie said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Get OUT!!!! That is sooooo beautiful.
I just got a new tattoo a couple weeks ago.

cuppy said...

YAY !!!!

Kacie said...

just got a back tottoo myself! aren't they worth it? :)

Ashley M. said...

Love the new tattoo! Thanks for introducing us to this artist. Beautiful work!

ckscribbles said...

It looks gorgeous!


Fawne said...

You are awesome! Thanks for blogging about me! :)