Summer Projects {Pic Heavy}

Hey Pals! There are so many cool things that I've found this summer, thanks to Pinterest, and I just want to share some of the really cool projects I'm working on! Janel from Run With Scissors did a post just like this yesterday and I loved it so much! It's so cool too see what people are working on and what they want to get accomplished soon! So, have a browse & enjoy!!! :D

1. Friendship Bracelets!!! They are so elementary, but I love them! Especially adding washers, nut bolts or rhinestones to them for a modern touch!

2.This necklace! It falls under the same category as friendship bracelets, but oh well. I HAVE to make this for myself and everyone else I know! lol!! I just love it!

3. This bracelet! (Are you guys sensing a theme here?! lol! I think wearing handmade jewelery is the coolest! Think of all the possibilities with dying the rope?!

4. Homemade Laundry Soap! I've been looking at lots of different recipes and I'm planning on making this one this week wish some Castle lavender bar soap! :)

5. A quilted key chain wristlet!

6. God's Eye. I've been wanting to make these for a long time now! I think they would be cool hanging over the baby's bed!

There are so many other projects that I"m actively working on too! Like the Blogger Blanket project! I'm ahead of schedule, which makes me super happy! I've got to get to work on more granny squares so I stay ahead of schedule! And I'm also working on a ripple baby blanket for our little boy!
This isn't the most recent picture, so it's come a long way! I'll update soon on it! 

Its a Boy
We also FINALLY decided on a name! I tried REALLY HARD to convince Robin for us to name the baby River Evan and he never agreed. :( But we did agree on Judah Owen. Owens was my moms maiden name & I think it's so cool that we are going to pass that along to him! What do ya'll think?!

AND what projects are you working on?! Summer has been so much fun & since I have to keep cooped up inside to stay cool crafts have been keeping me very busy! :)


Jamie said...

I am loving the bracelet with the nuts on it!!! Your ripple blanket for your son is adorable and so is his name! I love that you have your mothers maiden name as his middle, that's so nice that you can pass that down!

Jamie said...

Oh AND I'm in the Blogger Blanket Project too...i don't send to you for a few weeks yet =)

Natalie Duckett said...

love all the friendship bracelety things! also- I totally forgot that your mom's maiden name is Owens. You should have reminded me of that when you told me the little one's name! :P
ps- GREAT preggo picture! <3

Jamie said...

OMG 3 comments from me on one post isn't too much is it?! LOL
I got your squares today and I LOVE them!! Seriously, I ooo-ed and aahh-ed at every one! The colors are all so great together and the quality is perfect!! You are one awesome crocheter my friend!!
Thank you so, so much Heather!!

Destiny said...

My grandmother's maiden name was Bowen, which I've always admired as a boy's name as well! ;) but yes, I'm loving the friendship bracelet stuff! I've got a ton of that stuff so perhaps we can create some in a get-together! You've been much more productive than I have! lol <3