I've got a new obsession. And what better way to share it with you than show you a ZILLON pictures?! I know, it's totally what you want to see. So, grab a cuppa tea/coffe/whatever and enjoy the show!

Source: etsy.com via heather on Pinterest

Oh yea, I'm totally obsessing over anchors. I have been for a couple of months or so. I've been trying to keep it cool, you know. But I've been thinking more and more about them. First of all I'm pretty sure it will be my next tattoo somewhere along my right collarbone/front shoulder area. I'll have to talk to Fawne about where it would look the best. I seriously want to start working on a shoulder plate tattoo. I've already got the bird tattoo on my right shoulder blade and to keep adding to that would be awesome. I think it makes more sense to add to it, rather than having a few randomly placed tattoos. Any thoughts on that?
Onward with more anchor photos! One is not NEARLY enough!
Source: None via heather on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via heather on Pinterest

and just because we all deserve a good laugh now & then

 caption should read: "OMG!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAPEEEEEE!!!"

And I have successfully procrastinated crocheting granny squares. DARN IT!
Time for bed. Good night.
(ps, I have no idea what to attribute my snarkyness to tonight. hope you enjoyed it though.)

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Kate said...

i love a good anchor; they're very symbolic :) I saw a tattoo of one on LA Ink last night that was so pretty xo