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I found an amazing tutorial for making skirts! I had no idea it was so easy! If I had known, I would started sewing ages and ages ago! If my machine would have been nice to me I would have been done with this in about 10 minutes. I really think my sewing machine is in protest. She thinks that because she's been in storage for God knows how long that she can simply not work right. Needless to say, I'm asking Mr. Santa for a new sewing machine for Christmas. Yes, I realize it's only July. Who cares. Be proactive, know what you want, right? Right! :)
I've really been enjoying finding new blogs that are sewing related and re-style centered! It's so much fun to see what everyone can do with old shirts and things! Here are a few of my new favorites!
I also found this cute crafty blog/magazine, check it out http://versusmag.blogspot.com/
And too, you can look at my pinterest and see everything that I'm falling in love with! I seriously want to share everything that I'm finding on pinterest on my blog, but I'm sure it would be like picture overload! ;)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Fourth Of July! Happy Independence Day! 

What things are you guys working on this summer?

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Destiny said...

Well you have come quite the long way since just getting your feet wet!! I wish I could get the whole sewing thing right!! Things I make turn out too crooked probably because I am impatient! BTW I have a blog now! Don't laugh too hard at my re-visit to the xanga days... the word re-inspired me and I ran with it! Be talking to you soon! <3