Flattered With Jane Austen

I watched this movie last night and fell in love.
Not because of mr. mcavoy. (swoon)
Or miss hathaway. (love her so much!)
Both equally worthy of admiration.
But because I've never really understood
an Austen plot until now. (shocking I know.)

(I promise I'm not illiterate!)

With this new understanding I am challenging myself.
I want to read Pride and Prejudice and understand it.
I've never read an Austen novel,
even if I was supposed to read one in Highschool
I didn't. (hehe whoops :D)
I've always shied away from the vocabulary she used.
But after seeing this movie that was loosely based
off of Jane's life I just need more.

I've seen the movie Pride and Prejudice
and it made little sense to me as well,
but it was on t.v. so there were some
parts missing I'm sure.
But I want some unfiltered and pure Jane Austen to
feast on.
So, with a dictionary in hand I will embark on the Jane Austen road.
Its a well beaten path I'm sure and I will be a small bump
on the way, but I'm taking this journey because I want to.
Not because some literary list says I should.
So, I guess you can wish me luck!
And I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Tell me, have you read Jane Austen's work?
What was your favorite and why?

Have a lovely night!

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