Today I Must

- finish orders placed by people I know
- fold laundry 
- take a shower
- start making christmas presents
- put away clean dishes
- clean bedroom
- clean bathrooms
- bathe doodle
- go somewhere, anywhere today to get out of the house.

:) someone please hold me accountable to at least four of these things so I can feel accomplished today.

So I saw a post recently that was absolutely beautiful and I highly suggest that you all go over and take a peek. I really love that idea. A color Sunday. Of course I couldn't devote myself to something like that because I know I would forget. :P

But I must admit that this obession with mustard yellow is getting a little out of hand. It's just about the only color I can think in. I've been trying to make a hat with some Red Heart in Gold and the pattern that I'm using is SUPER hard. I've already frogged (undid ALL of the crochet) 10 rounds.  :( sad days yesterday on the couch here. i am determined to make this hat.. so I'm regathering myself and getting ready to hit it again. after I do my to do list.

(I've tried to put pictures in this post... the computer hates me right now. Deepest apologies for plain text.)


Carrie said...

good luck on your list I need to really get off this computer and get some thing done myself! I am the same way with aqua right now lol

nataliexmarie said...

Oh, mustard yellow...how I love thee.
& I love you!
I'm glad you got to walk around outside. and take a shower. and do dishes. that's 3! :)