mocking devil bird

Have you ever seen Failure to Launch? With SJP & Matthew McConnaey (however he spells it.) and the wonderful Zooey Deschanel. Well, Zooey's character, Kat, is tormented by a mocking bird or as she calls it "effing devil bird." Do you know why she called it a devil bird? I do. Because at 12.43 in the morning it is singing it's teeny little heart out like the sun is at high noon. There lurking in the darkness that winged demon coo's, cah's, twirps, wreeecks, laughs ad makes other hideous/beautiful noises. Granted during the day, I find those sounds to be charming and comforting. BUT at 12.44 at night, I want to murder the little fowl. Sad, yes, I know. But it's just so loud. Needless to say I can sympathize with Kat from Failure to Launch.

OK, so I went to the doctor today for my 38 week appointment & I had my little ultra-sound. Miss Autumn is estimated at being 7 lbs 7 oz. and I can't remember how long, I think it was 21 inches... maybe. She is still in her breech position & is highly unlikely to turn at this point, beause her bottom is firmly planted in my pelvis. Lucky little girl, she's all comfy in here & doesn't feel the need to move or come out.. ever. With that being said, the doctors have scheduled me a c-section for next wednesday morning at 8 am. Little Autumn will be born on May 6 (unless I go into labor on my own before then). I'm so excited for her to be here... when the doctor said we would do the surgery next week, I was a little disappointed. I kind of hoped he would go ahead and lets do it this week. The whole time I've been pregnant I thought she would come this week. It's so weird how fast time flies & I'm sure this last week will fly by even faster. I simply can't wait to meet her and hold her and to give her more love than anything else in this world.

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