the month i never can spell

oh, feburary. febrary. febaurary. damn it. see what I mean. I seriously HAVE to look at a calendar for this. February. Thank you calendar. :)
What have I been up to you ask? Well for that, there are lists. And we all love lists.. right?
1. I'm still brewing a child in my tummy. She's more lively lately and the other day she was moving around so much I thought I was going to pass out. (Not really pass out.. but I was having trouble walking. :)) It's really hard for me to grasp that in oh, 14 weeks I'll have a little baby in my arms who is a part of me. It blows my mind. When I look in the mirror and see my getting huge belly, I can't help but think about how when I was in high school I really wanted this part of my life to come true, but never ever thought it would. *sigh* So, here's to dreams I never put much faith in, but came true anyways.

2. Speaking of baby, I'm still crocheting Autumn's baby blanket. It's coming along, but I keep putting it up for a while then getting it back out. I haven't worked on it since last week, but I think it will be ok if I take my time with it. It's turning out really cute, but it is waaaay to big. I didn't follow a baby pattern. *shrug* oh well. She will be warm for a long time with this one. Maybe, it will be something she will keep for a long time. I hope so.

3. I'm also working on an afghan for our soon to be living room. I've started two different designs... the first was just single crochet squares (40 single chains by 40 rows) for some odd reason, the 2 that I did looked more like rectangles than squares. Soo.. then I found a basic solid granny square pattern and I've started to make a bunch of those then, I will join them together. The colors I've got picked out are purple, green and blue then a yarn that is all those together.

4. Robin and I are still working on our trailer. It's been our little project since July of last year and trust me I am so ready to be finished with it. We have completely redone this trailer. We gutted an entire bathroom and had to start over, including the sub-floor. When I think about all the work that has been put in to the trailer, I can't help but get a headache. For something so small, it has taken a really long time. Here's what we've done.
-LIVING ROOM: Painted. Ripped out a non working gas fire place/book case. Added a new light fixture. Painted ceiling. Will replace floor.
-KITCHEN: Gutted everything. Added new cabinets and new layout. New counter tops, pulls, backsplash, stove and frig. Painted. Added beadboard and chairrail. Replaced non-working light fixtures with new ones. Will replace floors.
-BEDROOM: Painted. Added Crown Molding. Framed windows with trim. Added new light fixture. Will replace floors.
-BR BATH: Completed Unfinished drywall and painted. Added vanity countertop. Will add toilet and floors.
-GUEST BATH: Completely gutted from ceiling to floor. Everything replaced. Ceiling, walls, floors, tub, vanity. Expanded tub area to fit jet tub (I can't wait to USE that!!!). Added tile board around shower. Will replace floors and add a new toilet.
-OFFICE: Painted. Cased window. Added crown molding.
-BABY ROOM: Not finished yet. (Don't get me started. I'm due in less than 3 months and my baby room hasn't even got a stitch of paint on the walls. It makes me want to cry.)
-PANTRY & LAUNDRY ROOM: Unfinished drywall completed and painted. Added molding. Will add floors.
And, we've yet to start on the porch, but we're going to completly re-do it too. It's screened in (well, not really cause all of if is ripped and dry rotted... you get the idea) and we plan on opening it up. We also plan on adding some landscaping to make everything look better.
SO, when will we be done with it? Who knows. When we first started I said I wanted to be in it by Thanksgiving. Maybe I will be in in befrore thanksgiving this year. *sigh*

That's really all that's happened in my life lately. That I can think of right now, but my eyes are getting droopy. And I'm sure as soon as I get in the bed I will work on some more granny squares.. ;)

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