30 Day Journal Challenge {2011} days 1-12

6.1.11 Day One

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day 4

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6.5.11 001

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I've been working
6.12.11 001 

I've been working on my 30 Day Journal Challenge! I'm really slacking about blogging them, but I've been uploading them to flickr in a somewhat regular manner. ;)

From the last challenge, the last picture, I've learned what Zentangles are! I've been making zentangles for YEARS and never knew thats what they were called, look at these amazing pictures I found on pinterest:

You get the idea! It's so relaxing to just sit there and absent mindedly draw. It doesn't take skill, or even great drawing talent, which I really don't have any of. I'm a doodler. Not a drawer. I can draw, but I have to focus way too much and everything is always wonky and never proportionate. *shrugs* These zentangles are just satisfying bits of doodles that you really should get out a pen and do some right now! ;)

Also, I'm obsessed with pinterest. :) I spend ALOT, way more than I should, of my time there recently. I just love looking at all the cool things! If you're on pinterest add me!! I'd love to follow you too! :)

I hope you are all well and you're enjoying your summer!

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ckscribbles said...

i love, love, love all of your pages!