Today I saw this:

and I felt instantly drawn to do this!

I feel like it's something I MUST do.

SO... here's my journal all prettied up!

journal cover

yippee! I found the journal in my supply drawer at the computer desk, and it was empty... execpt for the first page. I tore it out and started FRESH! It has lines on the pages, and I prefer journals that are blank natural pages, but hey it was FREE! So, who can complain? Certainly not me.

The journal is hard back and has a texture to it. I used a permant marker to draw the scallops and the swirls and I made a crochet flower to go along with it! It's not super fancy.. or even very difficult but it is my favorite colors and I LOVE swirls! so, YEY!

Are you doing the 30 day journal challenge?

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