attention all yarn addicts! SUPER AWESOME DEAL!
it's insane... seriously. i just got back from lucy of attic24's blog, where she discusses the BEST part of her crochet world: HER COLORS! She also gave detailed color lists and selections and in THIS post she gives a link to buy Rico Creative Cotton & the website has made a SPECIAL order pack just for Lucy's Blog, the exact colors she picked out! It's lovely! And seriously cheap too. Just don't forget to convert the Euros into American dollars if you're in the USA. I can't wait till my next paycheck comes in because I AM SO BUYING ME SOME! I feel loads of inspiration coming from this yarn and I feel like the possibilites are ENDLESS. A feeling that I NEED to feel.

so, go check it out!!!

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Becky Farley said...

You know I'm a ROY G BIV lover :)