oh man. when I woke up sunday afternoon, I had no idea everything would be white, but let me tell ya, I am glad! It was a good snow too!!!! Robin and I were so happy about it, we actually took some pictures!! Another miracle in itself :D Well, I think we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 2"-4" of snow. I'm not exactly sure, but everything was covered and so beautiful! I didn't really know it was supposed to snow. I had heard people talking about it Saturday, but figured since it was 70 degrees outside that it was highly unlikely. I'm SOOOOO happy it did snow though! So happy. Snow just tastes so good!


OOHSNAP natattack! said...
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OOHSNAP natattack! said...

Well, I deleted my comment because the little heart wouldn't work.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you & Robin together- especially the first one. Too cute!
It was little Autumn (Mae) Dawn's first snow experience! yay!